The Glass Castle sits

Where time does not fit

The gates open wide

And in they stride

Oblivious, anxious and blind

Its halls are long

But carpets all wrong

And men’s laws it defies

From what womb it rears

It knows their fear

Of which is it comprised

Enters the princess

For all her interest

Lies deep within its mind

The madman, astute

Hot in pursuit

Though crystals halls he winds

But something clicks

But something clacks

And there it is

Among the cracks

So down he went

In spirals he bent

Pulled, by a ghostly line

One door he saw

Two words he read

And into three he cracked

Took up the blade

And up he sprung

Jolly, wary and spry

Inside his heart

A darkness starts

Hate could not ascribe

Their love swelled

Then came the bell

Tossing all aside

A slash here

A prick there

A smile, a grin, a laugh

For day he worked

And night he played

With the princess in their time

A snip here

A crunch there

He only felt the kind

Alas, it ended

The time had passed

The fog has risen

The sky is bright

The broken princess

Laid on her side

Shattered like glass

Like the castle itself

Strewn in shards

Bathed in crimson

And the madman