The page lists all stories in the canon that were written, are currently being written and will be written in the future, in the order that they are produced.

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What Beauty Lies Within

Status: In Progress

Date Started: 07/08/16

Date Finished: n/a

A freshly-graduated journalism student tries to crack a decades-old case that might reach farther and deeper into a web of corruption than anyone would expect.

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Election Day

Status: Not Started

Date Started: n/a

Date Finished: n/a

A group of friends decide they want to take over one of the largest companies in the multiverse.

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Makes you wonder what comes next, doesn't it?
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This section refers to stories not written by me, but is still considered part of the Central Unison canon. Writers will be fully credited.
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This section will stay blank until I find a writer willing to participate in the project with me.
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The section is for one-shots that take place outside of the main stories, and may act as supplement to main or side stories. Writers vary.
Story Name Author
A Little Doggy Told Me... Pi-Eta
The Glass Castle Pi-Eta
Cold Storage Pi-Eta