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But something clicks, but something clacks, and there it is, between the cracks.

–- Unknown, excerpt from The Glass Castle

Central Unison, or CU for short, is the name I gave to my collection of stories, all of which co-exist in a massive, intertwined universe where nobody is a hero, and everybody is going to die.

Which doesn't mean you won't care about them. Knock yourself out. I've no idea how extensive this is going to get.


Hubs are pages that act like...well, hubs for certain topics in my story universe. Or actually, as you'll find, multiverse. This is a great way to get lost in the wiki and end up reading a truckload of spoilers you never wanted to see in the first place, so consider yourself warned. If you're new here, give the Overview page a try - not strictly a hub, but it summarises the basic information pretty well.

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