Booker Thaddeus Warrington, often abbreviated as Booker T. Warrington, real name unknown, was a vampire, time traveller and social engineer, and one of the core members of the Shadownet Initiative. During his time as part of the Federation covert surveillance team, he was known by the codename Pi. He specialised in the manipulation of individuals to achieve his goals unbeknownst to his enemies and rivals, a skill that saw much use during his membership within the Shadownet.

Throughout his life, Warrington suffered from a multitude of mental conditions, the symptoms of which worsened after a visit to the Glass Castle; the trauma of the events that conspired drove him to commit himself to the Psychiatric Ward of Delta-Theta General, until he was removed from the hospital's care by Lucia Angela Hart to assist the Shadownet in taking over the Tartarus Corporation.

Warrington has worked for various organisations throughout his life, employing his skills as an expert manipulator and persuader to subvert his targets. These organisations include the Federation, the First Exiles and the Shadownet.

Early Life

Warrington was born on the 11th of October, 1997 to unknown parents in Bangkok, Thailand, under an unknown name. He attended elementary and middle school in Bangkok, and boarded at a high school in Scotland.

He graduated from Glasgow University with a Psychology degree, and worked briefly as a therapist in Edinburgh before he was recruited by the immortal James Saturday in 2020 to travel to A01 and form part of InfiniCorp's intelligence department. As per his request, files on Warrington were classified and eventually deleted by MI6 analyst Bainbridge Sirovsky, and a new identity with the name "Booker Thaddeus Warrington" was created to conceal his identity and protect his position within the company.

Working for James Saturday

Under InfiniCorp, Warrington made up the four-man team that was the company's covert surveillance unit, alongside Victor McZeal, Darren Sirovsky and Lauren Taylor, serving as the team's psychological profiler and analyst. Warrington and the team also acted as field support for Jake McIntyre while he was tracking down the Union Generals, providing him with information and gear to capture his targets.

After the death of Jack Dubrou in 2024, InfiniCorp was sold to Dimitry Sokolov, and Warrington was transferred to Saturday's Federation party in the United States as a campaign advisor. His presence was kept a secret from the public, along with the other former surveillance team members.

When Kyle Lidell began hunting down and killing ex-InfiniCorp employees, he targeted Warrington after he murdered Victor McZeal. However, before Lidell could assassinate Warrington, Jake McIntyre and Eric Sullivan intervened, saving Warrington's life. Although he survived the assassination attempt, Warrington's existence was leaked to the general public by Lidell's failsafe plan, and he was forced into hiding, temporarily taking a leave from Saturday's political campaign and returning to therapy in Colorado, sharing an apartment with Derek Benson.

In 2025, Warrington was brought back into the fold and assigned by Saturday to negotiate an alliance with Jim Sarcos at the Sarcos Manufacturing and Weaponry headquarters in Amsterdam. There, he met and fell in love with Sophie Beumers, who was investigating the death of her parents', in which she suspected SMAW to be involved. In the process of securing Sarcos' loyalty, he inadvertently discovered evidence linking Sarcos to the deaths of Beumers' parents, but opted not to inform her of the fact in fear of potential backlash against his affiliation with SMAW.

The couple became engaged in May 2026, and were married a few months later in Prague, where Saturday officially initiated Beumers into the Federation party. Warrington and Beumers went on a honeymoon in Japan, and Warrington moved out of Benson's flat, purchasing a home in Washington, D.C..

The Federation party won the 2028 elections, leading Saturday to appoint Warrington as the Senior Advisor to the President, and supplying both him and his wife with elixir from the Fountain of Youth, the source of Saturday's own immortality, extending both their lives beyond the natural human lifespan.

Warrington was involved in numerous operations with Saturday to reshape the United States into the United Federation of America, covertly planning and ordering the arrest of political rivals and individuals Saturday deemed their enemies. This gradually led to Warrington become distant to his wife, resulting in their separation in February 2031. At around the same time, Warrington suffered a mental breakdown, and realising his own disillusionment with Saturday, resigned from his position as Senior Advisor.

Divorce and life in A03

Beumers divorced Warrington uncontestedly in October, and ownership of their home in Washington was transferred to Beumers by Warrington himself. With the help of Saturday, he relocated to the United Coalition Front colony of Rubicon, A03,where he reinstated himself as a forensic profiler in the Rubicon Police Department. It was around this time that Warrington's mental condition began to worsen, and he was plagued by occasional anxiety attacks and auditory hallucinations.

In mid-2032, Warrington was abruptly contacted by Benson, who claimed that he had discovered a time machine. After Benson provided proof of the machine's existence, Warrington travelled to meet him at their old home in Colorado, where using the contraption, they travelled forwards in time to 2135, witnessing the growth of the Federation, Union and UCF into the most powerful constituents of the Human Empire. Returning to 2032, Warrington and Benson made a pact to keep the time machine a secret from outsiders, employing it for their own purposes.

Warrington and Benson shared many adventures across time, including finding the Fountain of Youth before Saturday's time, attracting the attention of the Stateship and trekking through feudal Japan chased by a secretive order of Ronin - this would in turn give rise to the Shadow Warriors in their present. Before long, the duo were contacted by the Lucia Angela Hart of the Shadownet Initiative and offered a position among their ranks. Unbeknownst to them, the message in reality was from Warrington's future self to lead him to the Shadownet in the first place. Although the pair were initiated into the Shadownet, they felt dissatisfied with its lack of solid goals and deserted soon after to pursue their own objectives. Despite their separation from the organisation, Warrington enlisted the help of Wilford Nash to examine and replicate the time machine without Benson's knowledge. In order to reverse-engineer the machine, Warrington, Nash, and Ruby Montez broke into a Topalev Tandem warehouse in order to acquire essential components - the mission was successful, but Montez was killed during their escape, and Nash sustained serious injuries to his back.

Eventually, in 2034, Warrington and Benson were attacked by the Shadow Warriors, who planned to commandeer their time machine to alter history; Warrington managed to activate a failsafe on the machine, sending it back to Benson in 2032, where Benson initially discovered it, creating a bootstrap paradox. They were saved by Julius Reeke, who had been tasked by Saturday to watch Warrington and had learned of the time machine.

With both the Federation, Shadow Warriors and Benson under the pretense that the time machine was now permanently trapped in its paradox, Warrington was able to set out on his own using the second machine replicated by Nash.

Rejoining the Shadownet

With nowhere else to go, Warrington returned to the Shadownet, and was once again accepted into its ranks, with both him and Nash acting as experts on temporal technology, a subject they had extensively studied during their attempt to reverse-engineer the first time machine, but were yet unable to apply the science due to a lack of resources. When Warrington expressed his concern about the Initiative's lack of goals, Hart offered him one: to take over a multiversal corporation by planting agents within, and utilising said corporation's manpower and resources to build more time machines.

Warrington often returned to his present in order to avoid attracting any attention to his use of time travel. It was during these periods of time that he once again ran into Sophie Beumers, who he struck a friendship with. Eventually, he allowed Beumers to learn of the time machine, going as far introducing her to the Shadownet. Lucia Angela Hart, seeing certain admirable qualities in Beumers, recruited her as the figurehead of the next phase of their plan to infiltrate the Tartarus Corporation: winning the general election in 2533 by any means necessary.

While living in his present, in 2036, Warrington was recalled by McIntyre to resolve a situation involving a time loop in Willow Creek. With the help of the Pariah, Kurt Armitage and Evelyn Vance, Warrington fought the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and destroyed the crippled Wethsp that perpetuated the field around the town through the use of a Time Parasite. In return fro his assistance, McIntyre pulled all of the Federation's investigators off Pi, allowing him even more freedom with his temporal jumping.

Two years into the project, the Initiative being established as the Green Party, Warrington and Beumers went on an outing to the hostile planet of Raxos following a curious distress signal. Upon arrival, they discovered the Glass Castle and took shelter inside, unaware of its powers. Due to his fractured mental state, Warrington began hallucinating both visually and auditorily, culminating in him inflicting heavy trauma on Beumers in a fugue. Once Warrington recovered, he underwent a second mental breakdown, but was able to retain his sanity after his amazement that Beumers was still alive. Fleeing the Castle, he delivered Beumers to Hart, and headed for Delta-Theta General Hospital with the intention of admitting himself into the psychiatric ward.


The psychiatrists at Delta-Theta discovered that Warrington was unable to cope with his own actions at the Castle, and in accordance to his request, wiped any memory of the event from his mind before relegating him to the psychiatric ward. While Warrington retained some instability from the event, his condition was mostly alleviated,

A few months in the ward, Warrington began to once again experience complex visual hallucinations, including that of Sophie Beumers and a man representing a fragment of his own mind named Pi. The doctors overseeing him were aware of their occurrence, but were unable to treat him correctly due to the risk of recursion of the wipe they had performed.

Under the orders of Lucia Angela Hart, David Estok infiltrated the hospital and made contact with Warrington, only to discover that he did not remember the Shadownet. After Estok realised that Warrington was hallucinating Beumers and informed him so, he accidentally triggered the restoration of Warrington's memories; the following flood of emotions was traumatic in and of itself, breaking Warrinton's psyche into even smaller pieces. With his memories returned to him, and hearing that Beumers had survived his attack (albeit comatose from the severe trauma), Warrington agreed to return to help, but requested audience with the Union Generals who were now bankrolling the Green Party.

Tartarus Elections

Warrington struck a deal with General Demetrius Wolf of the Union to help the Green Party, and by extension the Union, gain control of the Tartarus Corporation by promising to appoint Union officers in prestigious positions after they won the election; in return, Warrington wanted the Union's help in revitalising and healing Sophie Beumers. Hesitantly, Wolf agreed, wary of Warrington's mental condition.

Figuring the most important votes could be obtained by swaying the Stateship to their side Pi brought Wilford Nash back to his own present, in order to give them more time to formulate a plan, and together with Nash, designed what would become the Rissmont Central Timestream Mainframe under the pretense that it would be used to safeguard history from rogue time travellers. The plans were presented to Senior Agent Paul Schaffer of the Stateship; the Stateship Council in turn expressed interest, and moved to vote for the Green Party. Unsure of the results, Warrington ordered David Estok to break into the Data Core on Decimus and rig the election that was to come to ensure their victory.

From General Wolf, Warrington received Beumers' severely injured and comatose body in a stasis tube, along with a sample of the Pestilence, obtained by Union agents from Helena Stagner. In an biological containment unit, adapted from the Mainframe's design, Warrington placed the body and the sample for later use.

As the Green Party gained popularity, Warrington grew wary of his benefactors, and eavesdropped on a conversation between Lucia Angela Hart and General Wolf, learning that he was to be locked back up at Delta-Theta, began working against his allies.

During Fleur Delacroix's concert, Warrington infiltrated the control centre of the Union ship the party had been using as a base of operations, and planted explosive devices within while the security officers were distracted by Delacroix's performance. After he repeated the process with one of the ship's generators, Warrington returned to the containment unit, and invited Hart to join him in reviving Beumers.

Warrington injected Beumers with the pathogen, effectively transforming her into a Polymorph, and as Hart observed the process, set off the explosives he had previously planted. Taking advantage of the temporary blackout to strangle and kill Hart. As Beumers awakened, Warrington forced her to take on Hart's form, and shattered the container containing residues of the Pestilence and activating the unit's self-destruct mechanism, before escaping with Beumers. Due to her form at the time, the rest of the Initiative and the Union believed the Pestilence sample and Beumers to be destroyed.

Under Beumers' leadership, disguised as Hart's, the Green Party were victorious in the elections, becoming the Executives-elect of the Tartarus Corporation. To erase all evidence of Hart's death, Warrington advised that Wolf disposed of the containment unit via antimatter, as to prevent any of Hart's cells from being found in the remains.

As CCO of Tartarus

Warrington was appointed Chief Creative Officer of the Tartarus Corporation in 2533 by Sophie Beumers, who was aware of his actions, but felt that he could be an asset if she could control him. Unbeknownst to him, Beumers had created Vittoria, a proxy copy of herself to monitor him.

As per his deal with General Wolf, Warrington provided Union forces with the corporation's advanced technology and intelligence, effectively bolstering the Union's capabilities against the Federation and UCF.

Engineers from both Tartarus and the Stateship began construction on the Rissmont Central Timestream Mainframe on the planet of Rissmont shortly after Warrington's appointment, with Warrington himself overseeing the project and donating his time machine to be dissected to build the Mainframe; interference from other parties was dissuaded by the presence of various Stateship forces in the Karr System. Warrington discussed with Senior Agent Amelia Porter at length about plans to convert the entire planet into a wildlife sanctuary to boost popularity - although they had no candidates to assist them in the venture, Porter shelved the idea for potential use in the future.

Warrington and the executives of the Tartarus Corporation came into contact with the Sergeant in 2535, who seemingly aimed to destroy them; the Sergeant had personal information regarded Warrington, and threatened to destroy his reputation if he did not step down as CCO. With the help of the Magister and recruits, Tartarus detained the Sergeant, only to discover an empty suit of power armour. However, Warrington theorised from the Sergeant's words that the Sergeant was himself from the far future, and was determined to prevent him from existing in the first place.

Eventually, Warrington was confronted by David Estok, who had retrieved a sample from the containment unit and confirmed that it was in fact Hart that had perished inside, accusing Warrington of her murder. Warrington responded by having the lab tech who had assissted Estok captured and murdered by the Sergeant, who was in reality Thomas Wyatt using the Sergeant's armour under the pretense that he was securing the executives' positions. Angered at Warrington's willingness to take extreme measures for self-preservation, Estok resigned from his position as Chief Security Officer and disappeared, leading Warrington to appoint Axel Friedrich in his stead.

In 2538, Warrington recruited Lieutenant Candice Danzig from a Federation prison and offered her a position in the Shadownet to replace the lack of Estok's military expertise.

While he failed to recall the location of Raxos, Warrington eventually came across reports from the Union in 2539 detailing what seemed to be Raxos, now orbiting a quasar near the centre of the Milky Way and being studied by the UCF. He sent Danzig, disguised as a Union officer the UCF had invited, to Project Horizon in orbit of Raxos. Through Danzig, Warrington learned of Stephanie Wyland, who he ordered Danzig to protect at all costs - he saw her as a potential key to retrieving Daniel Wyland from Stateship custody. Warrington lost contact with Danzig after the Orbiter came under fire from the Federation. When Danzig was once again able to contact Warrington, she reported that she was in an escape pod along with the survivors of the planet's descent into the quasar it had previously orbited, and confirmed to him that Stephanie Wyland was alive and well.

In early 2540, Warrington, Friedrich and Wyland visited the Stateship prison-frigate Mortal Coil, and successfully negotiated the release of Daniel Wyland - Warrington appointed Wyland, with his combat and survival experience, as the head of the wildlife preservation project on Rissmont under Porter.

Frindalis Crisis

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In 2545, Warrington travelled to Frindalis to confirm the appearance of the ThoughtForm Anubis, who was terrorisng the city of Hecate. During brief negotiations with the Stateship forces in orbit, led by Agent James Arnott, Booker managed to postpone the ground invasion, volunteering to land and deal with the situation himself.

In Hecate, Warrington met Laura Escobar, and developed a rivalry with her as both attempted to defuse the situation in the city.

In order to remove himself from Anubis' attention, Warrington tranfused a large quantity of vampire ichor into his own bloodstream, effectively transforming himself into a half-blooded vampire, unbeknownst to the ThoughtForm, and manipulated Alexa Williams into shooting him in the chest, an act which would be fatal to non-vampire humans. Now presumed dead, Booker was able to put in place various plans of actions which eventually led to Williams trapping Anubis in a painting, hence ending the Crisis.